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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Accountability and choice

Met with my "buddy" yesterday to make some commitments. I've found that having told her I will do something by our next meeting greatly increases the likelihood that I will actually do it. I refuse to judge myself for using this kind of rat-in-a-maze behavioural modification. It's simple, free, and highly effective, three of my favourite qualities in anything.

Using today's anxiety about business being slow as fuel. I've found that nothing motivates me more than not having enough to do. I could be actively worrying about becoming a bag lady, or creating a fight with my boyfriend, or any other non-optimal situation, but I choose instead to use all that energy to solve a problem or get through a complicated but boring chore (like setting up a contact database and learning how to add metas to my website). Having been told so often that "it's just the way you are", I feel very smug knowing it's not true. I can choose my reaction! Yay!

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Ah at last I get a mention!! been sitting here, reading this for a few days, wondering when you'll get technical!!

Keep it going, it's an interesting, if not sometimes over my 'geek' head, read.
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